Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Smackdowns bring May Throwdowns

Another great Smackdown has come to an end. This past Saturday was a more intimate gathering than previous Smackdowns have been, which was a great change of pace. Dan Streetman and Clancy Rose, both from Cuvee Coffee in Spicewood, sat down with the baristas and held a very interesting coffee tasting.

The theme for the evening was "Storied Coffees", and the three coffees presented for the audience were Costa Rica Helzar de Zarcero, El Salvadaor Cerro Las Ranas, and Rwanda Epiphanie. Each one of these coffees holds an interesting story and a unique and budding relationship with the boys at Cuvee. All of the coffees were french pressed and passed around (think Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony) while being discussed, not only tasting notes, but relationships and histories as well. Kudos to Cuvee on this one.

The Throwdown portion of the event was also as intimate and interesting as the coffee tasting. A sizable Dallas contingent made their presence known . . . all from White Rock Coffee!! Seems to be one coffee shop to keep paying attention to. Can't wait for next months Dallas vs. Austin vs. Houston throwdown. You hear that Catalina?? Medici and White Rock will be bringing it baby! Hope you can too.

After all was said and throwndown, top honors went to:

Third Place: Tyler "One Dollar" Wells of Beef and Pie Coffee Bar

Second Place: Dan "Always the Bridesmaid" Streetman of Cuvee Coffee

First Place: Stevo "I Just Brought It" Wimberley of Caffe Medici

Check out more photographs at our flickr page. All photographs courtesy of Gregory Beuhler Photography. More information on him at

As usual, Strongbad says "See you suckers next time!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Once More With Feeling!!!

It's almost that time again . . . no, not 1:24 in the morning, but the last Saturday of the month. Which can only mean one thing . . . okay two things, I have to do laundry, and you all have to show up to Caffe Medici on Guadalupe for the Saturday Night Smackdown. Oh Yeah!!!

Starting at 5 pm, Clancy Rose from Cuvee Coffee will share with us insights on processing methods gained from his recent trip to Panamanian fincas, aka Coffee Farms, and he promises to have some amazing photos of real life Panamanians. WOW!

Then at 6 pm, the real reason you all are showing up . . . Latte Art Throwdown!! Boosh! The rules are the same as always, and posted at the bottom of the blog. Ten dollar buy in, winner take all . . . and tshirts for the top finishers.

So be there, or forfeit your chance to win lots of dough and walk away with a kick ass t shirt.