Saturday, November 21, 2009

Commence the Drinking!

Alright y'all, the Saturday Night Smackdown is up and running once again. Sunday December 6th from 11 AM to 2 PM at Owl Tree (click for directions) is the first part of Edible Austin's Drink Local Day, part of the week long celebration known to us as Eat Local Week. (To those of you who caught it, yes, the SNS is now on a Sunday) Around a dozen roasters from in and around Austin will be there, set up with booths, tents, beans, and all sorts of crazy shit to show off to you and other onlookers exactly what it is they do.

David Allan is putting this together with Edible Austin, and he will be judging a cocktail contest later on that evening (we should all go to that too!). David is a cool guy and he makes yummy booze stuff, hi five him if you see him at the event.

The pour off will be back to a standard Smackdown pour off - you choose the cup, you choose the pour, ONE PITCHER ONE POUR!!!! $10 buy in, winner will take ALL. Now, this event is an open invite to anyone across our great state (Texas, you dolt!) HOWEVER, the top ten AUSTIN competitors will go on to represent our fair city in Texas' first ever City VS City throwdown: ATX v. ATL. (Brainchild of Scott Lucey, actualized by yours truly) It's gonna be awesome. So bring your game, bring your face, but most importantly, pour your face off!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Interesting Time of Year

Holiday season is upon us. Last months throwdown couldn't be held on a Saturday, as it fell on Halloween so we held it the day before. This month it appears to fall a few days after Thanksgiving, and December seems to present the same dilema.

With that in mind, the next throwdown will be scheduled in conjuction with the Drink Local event held at Owl Tree Roasting and sponsored by Edible Austin. Dave Allen of Tipsy Texan fame is the coordinator of the event, and from what I've heard it will be held on December 6th. Go ahead and mark your calendars, because we're working on some really fun ideas that should get those little coffee brains churning.

Throwdown in H-Town

The last throwdown in Texas was held in Houston over Halloween weeekend as a benefit for CoffeeKids, an excellent charity that provides educational grants to children of coffee farmers. All totaled, we raised over $2500 for this charity. Not too shabby for the first fundraiser for CoffeeKids ever held in Texas. What can I say, Texans have big hearts.

A huge thank you to Dave from Tuscany Coffee, Max and Sean from Catalina, and JR from Coffee Groundz for putting this whole show together. I don't have any pictures (yet) but I do have the top three latte artists.

Jon Meadows from White Rock Coffee took third.

Fabio, a home barista and photographer took second.

And Dan Streetman of Cuvee Coffee took first. A second win for Dan . . . looks like we might have a streak on our hands.

Yours truly also poured, but decided to drink my latte before handing it to the judges. It was tasty. That is all.