Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smackdown is on the move!

This months SNS will be held at Clementine, over on the east side. Chris Cusack is heading up all of the planning from their end, and yours truly is simply supplying data sharing.

A few change-ups (actually, the change-up would be if we kept it the same . . . what can I say, we like to keep things interesting) are in store for everyone this Saturday. We will have THREE, that's right, THREE different latte art throwdowns. Single Rosetta in an 8 oz, Double Rosetta in a 12 oz, and an unofficial "Show Me What You GOT!" best design in a cup of your choice. Same $10 buy in, winner takes all. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can enter all three throwdowns. That means the chance to win the largest throwdown pot that Austin has ever seen!

Mike McKim of Cuvee Coffee will be answering some questions from Chris Cusack about his latest trips to origin, Peru and Brazil, as well as taking audience questions at the end.

We've got some live DJ's throwing down some awesome beats, great beer on tap (it is at Clementine after all), and the chance to learn someting about coffee while showing off your sick latte art skills. Be there, or be . . . you know what, just be there. 6pm Saturday 28 at Clementine Coffee. 2200 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722.

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