Wednesday, September 16, 2009

september smackdown:

is comin' at you september 26!

jen from once over here, helping lorenzo out while he's all busy making up and trying out awesome ideas for medici notte. the nerve of some people...

the august smackdown was super, with mike mckim from cuvée coffee telling us about trips from brazil and peru. tyler wells, from jp's and now frank. and apparently everywhere else. silence huang and rob ovitt came in second and third, respectively.

in reverse order:
rob ovitt, once over coffee bar:

silence huang, international coffee superstar:

and tyler wells, jp's java & two (three?) time smackdown winner:

the september smackdown starts at 6:30 with a who the hell are you? mandatory meet and greet, followed by the blindfolded latte "art" throwdown.
that's right, watch this video, find yourself a partner, and try it out.

it's gonna be fun, kids.
i'm pretty sure it's also the last one for the next few months it is still happening every month, so come on out, make new friends, and prove to us that throwing down blindfolded is easier than it looks.

see ya soon,

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  1. Not to rain on Tyler's parade . . . but this was his first Smackdown win.