Sunday, October 18, 2009

blindfolded latte art competition.

from the september smackdown.
told in pictures because they are easier than words!

we had three esteemable judges:
cavason sutton

august winner tyler wells:
tyler wells

and juan. he's awesome:

some nice people showed up.
like clancy rose and patrick hallett:
patrick hallett and clancy rose
cameron. did you know he makes awesome movies?
cameron burr
andy pants, but he had to be there. the bosses required it.
andy fredericks
justin, from medici. he doesn't like having his picture taken.
and some sweet folks from flipnotics came, too.
lisa and elliott!
the nice guys from white rock coffee:
meg, wife of douglas from waterfalls.

and many more:

and shortly after the photographer's camera died,
first place went to dan streetman and clancy rose of cuvée coffee:
first place
and second place went cameron burr and ryan van eck, from caffé medici:
second place
and third place went to jen hellow (that's me!) and jenée ovitt of once over coffee bar:

and then dan streetman told us a joke:

so much fun, you guys! many many many thanks to rob and jenée from once over for being delightful hosts.

much affection:
jen hellow

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