Friday, December 11, 2009

Edible Austin: Drink Local Coffee

December 6th was a fantastic time. Nine roasters & cafes set up, in spite of the rain, to strut their stuff to foodies, coffeegeeks, and localvores alike. Caffe Medici set up their GS/3 serving espressos and cappuccinos, Cuvee Coffee was french pressing their hearts out, Kohana Coffee was spreading the Hawaiin goodnes, Austin Java pressed up some love, Little City poured it old skool, Texas Coffee Traders set up a baby Faema, Brown Coffee Company was introducing the newbies to the world of Chemex, & Owl Tree graciously hosted us all under one roof, sharing the coffee love.

Now, we baristas get together across company lines on a semi-regular basis, but to see all of the roasters together was something else. Sharing tips and techniques, swapping bags of coffee, networking, and occasionally high fiving. I hope this starts a beautiful trend.

David Alan, of the Tipsy Texans, with the help of Edible Austin, put this event together and also helped to judge the Latte Art Throwdown along with Jenee Ovitt of Once Over Coffee Bar, and Jodi Bart of Tasty Touring. All three were intensely studying each drink that was presented them, conferring secretively, scribbling notes, and having a great time.

Baristas from around the city, and even as far away as Dallas, came to show their skills that pay the bills. With cup size and pour up to the individual baristas, the judges were amazed by the variety of designs. Jon Meadows of White Rock Coffee in Dallas took third with a rosetta, Tyler Wells from Frank took second with a rosetta in a 5 oz Gibraltar, and Dan Streetman of Cuvee Coffee taking top honors with his signature six-tiered tulip. Thanks to everyone who came out to compete, you who came to serve their coffee, and those of you who came to drink it. This is only the beginning.

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